Oak Ridge Boga Flatbow - 35#

Oak Ridge Boga Flatbow - 35#

Oak Ridge

Available for order (7-14 days estimated delivery)

Oakridge Boga:
One piece 68" longbow available from 25lbs to 60lbs increasing by 5lbs with a 7" brace height.

The riser is made of dymond wood with maple limbs and black fiberglass.

Comes with a Flemish Dyneema bowstring. The shelf and rest plate are included.

This bow has a superb pistol grip which is very comfortable and puts your hand in the ideal shooting position.  It is incredibly smooth and quiet with speed readings of between 155fps and 160fps with Black Eagle Intrepid arrows and my 27" draw length.  That's very respectable for a 35# flatbow and is more than enough to make it around a 3d course with no limitations caused by bow performance.  

The Boga has understated but elegent looks with black glass on the limbs with black dymond wood in the handle. Ideal for those who like a subtle touch to their traditional bows.

This bow DOES conform to NFAS AFB rules so can be shot with our wooden arrows in the AFB category.  If you prefer carbon arrows then you would be in the Traditional Bow Hunter category in the NFAS.

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