Handcrafted Leather Bacers / Arm Guards

A bracer, or an arm guard as it is also called, is protection for your forearm from string slap after the string has been loosed.

A good leather Bracer will last a life time if properly cared for.  The leather, although relatively stiff when first purchased, will soften over use and mold to the shape of your arm, becoming very comfortable to wear.  We use high quality Veg Tanned leather for all of our Bracers.  They can also be worn in any weather conditions as the leather has been treated with waterproof leather dye as well as finished with a top coat of Resolene for extra weather protection.  

All of our leather bracers are hand crafted from start to finish.  Custom orders can be taken, either for any variation of our Standard Bracer or for more intricate designs (examples will be loaded to the website regularly for reference).  Please email us at eagelarchery@hotmail.co.uk for more information.

Please note that our standard bracer designs within this collection are sometimes ready to ship but also sometimes need to be finished off to order.  If, upon ordering, your bracer needs to be finished, we will email you with an approximate lead time.  This should be at max, no more than a week, though usually sooner.