Handcrafted Leather Bracer - Standard - Nature stamps

This handcrafted leather bracer has been made using high quality veg tanned leather. It measures 20cm across at the top (closest to elbow) and 13 cm across at the bottom (closest to wrist).

This bracer can be worn be either Left or Right handed archers.

It has been hand stamped with five individual nature themed stamps at the four points of the compass and one central stamp.  The stamps are a Flying Eagle, a Walking Bear, a Stag's Head, a Mountain Scene and a Wolf's Paw.  A border stamp has been used to connect the stamps and finish off the design nicely.

The whole bracer has been dyed with two coats of Mahogany leather dye and finished with a coat of Resolene to give it a nice weatherproof finish and a beautiful mellow sheen.

The bracer fastens with leather cord around old brass lace hooks, making for a quick and easy set up before shooting.  The lace can be adjusted to suit length by untying the knot and shortening/lengthening as needed.  Brass eyelets have been used for ease of adjustment and to protect the leather holes as well as giving a nice visual effect.

Any of the designs or colours on our standard bracer designs can be interchanged for your own unique, custom bracer.  Please email us at eaglearchery@hotmail.co.uk with any questions and we can usually have your bracer made and shipped within a week.

Other custom designs available, please check other bracer designs and email for lead time etc.