Field Archery

Butsfield Bowmen Archery Club

Eagle Archery have a very close relationship with the NFAS field archery club called Butsfield Bowmen.  Situated in County Durham on the River Brownee, the course consists of forty targets in six acres of land, with shots ranging from eight yard ducks to seventy yard rhinos and everything in between.  



If you're interested in giving field archery a go you can find your local club by looking it up at  If you live in the North East of England you are most welcome at Butsfield Bowmen.  Please drop us an email at, including your name and contact details and also if you are an experienced archer looking to join the club or if you are a beginner who wants to have a go and find out more about field archery.

If you are new to archery, Rich and Ray are qualified NFAS coaches and run regular beginner's courses designed to show you the basics and to get you shooting arrows safely and accurately.  For more information please see our beginners section.  As part of the course we offer an option of a guided introduction to the Butsfield Bowmen course where we will provide an additional two hour coaching session on range, as well as explaining the rules of field archery and signing off your insurance forms.



The cost of joining the club is £35.00 per year with an initial £15.00 admin fee for the first year.  Target fees are only £2.00 each time you visit, which allows you to shoot for as long as you want (or as long as the light allows).  The course is available to be shot all year around at any time of the day, so you choose when is best for you to go shooting.  Member insurance is provided by the NFAS, the national governing body of our sport, so you will need to join this organisation also.  The cost is currently £20.00 per year payable directly to the NFAS, more information can be found at




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