Coaching / Beginner's Courses

Intensive one day coaching

We offer a one day intensive coaching session at a local Field Archery Range (Butsfield Bowmen) with a fully qualified NFAS (National Field Archery Society) coach  The day consists of a 10:30 meet time and finishes around 15:00.  We provide all the equipment needed for the day, you need to bring only something to eat and weather appropriate clothing/footwear.  The day begins at the practice boss, where you will be given the basic instructions needed to get you shooting safely and competently.  We will then head out onto the course for some more 'on the go' coaching, which will give you a real feel for what field archery is all about. 



These sessions can be either on a one to one basis, one to two or one to three.  We can accommodate bigger groups but please contact us first with specifics. 

Prices are as follows : One to One - £50

                                    One to Two - £40 per person

                                    One to three - £35 per person

  To enquire about booking an intensive coaching session please email

Full Beginner's Courses (Indoors)

Our beginner’s course consists of four, two hour sessions held over a four week period.  The course explains and demonstrates the basic techniques needed to shoot consistently and accurately, whether you're interested in target or field archery.  We will also advise you on what equipment you will need as well as explaining how to select the correct arrows for your bow.



The course currently runs on a weekday evening in Washington at a cost of £60.00.  The dates and times of these courses vary so check out our calendar for upcoming sessions.  Upon completion of the beginner’s course we offer an additional two hour coaching session at a local field archery course, Butsfield Bowmen at a cost of £15.00 per person.  As well as the chance to receive an additional coaching session in a field archery setting, you will also be shown the safety rules and etiquette of field archery.  If you wish to continue field archery we can sign off your insurance form for the NFAS (National Field Archery Society), speeding up the process to get you shooting regularly.  For further information please see the field archery tab.  To book a place or enquire about our beginner’s course, please email

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