Uukha was founded to offer archers, competitors and enthusiasts the very best recurve bows.

This high quality material enables a high level of performance without sacrificing shooting pleasure. For that purpose Uukha use innovative technologies that break with traditional laminate construction techniques.

Uukha's team combines experts in composite material engineering and development together with top archers.

As a manufacturer Uukha are always looking year after year for improvements to raise the accuracy of our bows.

Last year they introduced a brand new technology with the Carbon Monolith HM: the first use of high modulus carbon to increase torsional stiffness whithout weight addition.

Uukha's fatigue rig allows them to load bows at 35" draw length 30 000 times in a single night. They are also equipped with a high-speed camera, and tools to measure limbs torque. To evaluate their bows, a shooting area is permanently at their disposal.

Uukha cut pre-impregnated carbon plies with a digital cutter. This guarantees both precision and repeatability in the cutting process of their reinforcements before they are moulded.

A 50-ton power press ensures a perfect material cohesion. All Uukha moulds are CNC machined so as to guarantee the integrity of all shapes and the quality of the finished product.

Prior to leaving the Uukha manufacturing facility, every limb is individually inspected.

The Uukha name is a direct reference to the Uukhaï song, a song giving strength and courage to Mongolian archers during Mongolia national day of Naadam. Our bows are also a tribute to Mongolian bows, inspired both in materials and designs.

Uukha is a registred trademark.

Uukha bows are patent protected.

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