Archery Events

Archery is a unique and fun activity to add to your social event.  Whether it's a team building exercise, community occasion or even a wedding, here at Eagle Archery we can provide all the necessary equipment and coaching needed for a professional and fun experience for everyone.  An archery 'have a go' event can be enjoyed by people of all ages and physical capabilities and the mobile nature of our equipment means that we can set up a range in almost any location. 

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Check out these photos from our latest event, Kirsty and Helen's wedding at Cuddystone Hall in rural Northumberland.  Kirsty and Helen attended one of beginner's courses and asked us to host a have a go event at their wedding in August.  As you can see from the photos, both girls have really solid styles, especially impressive as they have only been shooting for a few months and had to plan a wedding in between practice sessions!




All photos courtesy of Mark Parnaby

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