Wooden Arrow Supplies Set - 5/16

Wooden arrow supplies

Eagle Archery

Available for order (7-14 days estimated delivery)

For this product we have collected all you need to make a set of wooden arrows in one place.  This will save you time searching through websites and ensures you don't miss anything out (easily done with all the different options available!)  It also means we can get your shipping cost correct and not risk you paying a higher cost when adding individual items to your cart.

This product will ship with your choice of spine shafts (either Pine or Spruce will be sent depending on availability), your choice of fletching size (we will send two White and one other colour) and your choice of point weight (please specify at checkout if you have a preference on point type (Brass, Field or Modbod).  We will match the nocks to fit the colour of fletchings we send and we will use Bohning Classic nocks.

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