Custom Made Traditonal Wooden Arrows

Customise your arrows for optimal performance!  All arrows are treated with two coats of Danish Oil and finished with two coats of hard wearing wax for weather protection.  Each arrow is hand buffed giving a super smooth finish for that extra aerodynamic performance.  Sold in matched sets of one dozen.  We grain match all our shafts and will guarantee finished sets to within 30 grains (often much less!)


Choose your arrow spine from the options below, then select your point type / weight and arrow length.


For fletching type and colours and nock colour, please add a note on the checkout page in the box provided.  If none provided we will choose for you.

If you would like to add arrow wraps to your order please add them to your basket at the same time as your custom arrow order.

Choose nock colour from : White / Black / Orange / Red / Yellow / Flo Green / Blue

Choose Fletching colour from : White / Black / Blue / Grey / Brown / Green / Yellow / Red / Orange / White Barred / Grey Barred / Green Barred / Red Barred / Black Camo / Brown Camo / Orange Camo / Red Camo

Choose fletching cut from : 2" Shield / 4" Shield / 5" Shield / 3" Parabolic / 4" Parabolic