Trader Markets / Re-enactments

The UK has a thriving reenactment scene ranging from the medieval through to World War 2 and everything in between.  At Eagle Archery we provide 'battle' arrows for re-enactors and Live Action Role Players.  The arrows come complete with the original 'Red Head' blunts, traditional battle fletchings and self nocks and are made from a range of traditional woods.  Custom arrows are also available with any combination of fletching type, nocks and blunts/points.  Please see our 'Arrows' tab for more details.



We attend various reenactment events throughout the country, where we sell our 'battle' arrows as well as 'self' bows (bows made from one piece of wood), made in the traditional materials and styles of various historic periods.  As well as these traditional styles we also offer our high quality arrows and bows for the modern day field, target and clout archer.

And of course, we also stock all the accessories that any keen archer or re enactor needs, from hand crafted leather bracers and quivers to spare points, blunts and arrow shafts to strings and arrow rakes and much more.

 The next event we will be attending will be TORM (The Original Reenactors Market), located at Sports Connexion Centre in Ryton on Dunsmore on the 11th, 12th and 13th of March 2016, where we will be hosting an archery 'have a go', so why not come along and say hello -we're always happy to talk of all things archery! For more details, visit