Samick Lion Field Bow

The Samick Lion is a one-piece recurve field bow.  It is both quick in performance and great to look at.

  • Hard Maple, Rosewood Riser

  • White Ash Limbs with Black Fibre Glass

  • Bow Length - 60"

  • Brace Height: 7" 1/2 - 8" 1/4

  • Comes with double loop flemish twist, Dacron B50 string

This bow complies to NFAS categories Hunting Tackle (Wooden arrows with natural feathers) and Barebow (Carbon or Aluminium arrows).

We stock mainly right handed bows but we do get some left handed bows in from time to time.  Please check the drop down box for availability or alternatively, drop us an email with your requirements and we will check on availbility and lead time.