Boynton Pine Shafts

One dozen grain batched Boynton Pine shafts.  Chris Boyton Pine has long been the bench mark for the highest quality in wooden arrow shafts.  Chris's meticulous attention to detail ensures that each shaft is as straight as the proverbial arrow!  If you are serious about having a great set of arrows, Boyton Pine is the best Scots Pine available.

Scots pine is the favoured wood for most traditional archers. It's a common softwood that grows well in Europe, and spreads east as far as western Siberia. Internationally known as Redwood, grown in the UK it is called Scots pine. It has clear annual growth rings, dries quickly and has only mildly resinous properties. The wood has a low rated stiffness, is resistant to shock loads, and has a low bending and crushing strength.

This all makes this an ideal wood for arrow making. The properties of this wood mean that as an arrow shaft, it is flexible but strong enough to be worked, and used with excellent results. It does have a low humidity rating, so even treated it works best when kept dry. If you get your arrow shafts wet, simply put somewhere dry (preferably room temperature), and leave to dry. They will gain back their properties once dry. Scots pine can be stained, painted or varnished to a good finish. Due to the mild resinous property, we recommend the use of a good quality glue for sticking on points.

Our arrow shafts are batched in 5lb increments using the archery-wide system based upon a centre-shot recurve bow. We recommend this be adapted depending on the style of bow you shoot, see our advice page. Once we receive our arrow shafts from the manufacturer, we weigh each individual shaft and batch them by weight. This is so important, as due to the natural properties of wood, the weight can vary in an average batch of 100 shafts by as much as 150 grains. With a usual weight for Scot pine of around 340 grains, this means the weight of your arrows could vary a great deal, even if they look identical. We guarantee that all batches are matched to within 30 grains, often being less than 10 grains.

We recommend Scots pine as a good all round arrows shaft, strong, flexible, resistant to impact, easily treated and worked. Ideal for Longbow as the slightly heavier properties tend to mean a slower loose, providing less stress to the bow. Heavy weighted flatbows and traditional recurves would also benefit from the strength of Scots pine.

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