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Test Bows

Here at Eagle Archery we know that testing bows before you purchase them is a vital step in purchasing your new bow.  We welcome any archer wishing to test any of our stock bows, from the ever popular Kaiser brand of Traditional bows to Heritage Longbows to Shocq ILF Target recurves and everything in between.

Win and Win WIAWIS TFT-G

This bow is a top of the range Olympic Recurve from Win and Win.  Made from Carbon Graphene it is exceptional to shoot and beautiful to behold.  We have a permanent test bow set up at our 20 yard range.  It has 32# medium NS-G limbs and has been tuned and set up ready for you to shoot.  We have a selection of Easton ACE and Victory VAP V1 arrows ready to shoot with it so you can get a real feel for what a performance bow shoots like.  We welcome those who wish to test their own risers with the NS-G limbs or vice versa and test the limbs with their own riser as well as those who want to feel the effect of the full Win and Win set up. 

To arrange an appointment to shoot please contact us either by phone on 01914155111 or email on eaglearchery@hotmail.co.uk